Souvenirs that world travelers want

Sustainable promotional merchandise. We design a style that showcases your unique destination or brand then have it woven into our spa quality Turkish towels. Stocked unbranded styles are also available.


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    Pomp & Sass is WBE certified

    This certification qualifies Pomp & Sass to participate in ED&I initiatives as well as diverse suppliers programs. WBE certified since 2023.

Custom Towels in 2 minutes

It's easy to order custom branded Turkish towels with Pomp & Sass.

  • Benefits of Custom Turkish Towels

    • 50% margins
    • Designs made exclusively for your location/brand
    • Order quantities as low as 100 towels per size and style

  • Wholesale Order Process

    1. CONSULTATION: Talk to us about your location or brand.
    2. REVIEW: Receive design options
    3. REST: Approved towel style arrives at your location.
  • Resonate with your clients values

    Client facing merchandise says a lot about your company. This product demonstrates your commitment to sustainable, ethically made goods as well as supporting woman owned small businesses. It's on the tags.

Elora Mill waterfall with the Tooth of Time landmark displayed in a custom Turkish towel by Pomp & Sass

This is a Custom Towel

The landmark, Tooth of Time, located Elora Mill in Ontario Canada is illustrated in this custom towel. The Elora Mill Spa to sells it as exclusive merchandise.

Made with pure Turkish cotton, this extra large beach towel showcases the Elora Mill logo in the bottom right hand side. Reading ''Enjoying the good times in life'' next to the sites logo.

This custom project required only one consultation and a few emails (including revisions) before we produced the towels and had them shipped directly to the site, ready to sell.

Custom towels are easy with Pomp & Sass.

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  • WeShall Investment Logo in indigo and red

    WeShall Investments

    A beautiful white on white custom branded design was developed and produced for this wonderful client. This luxurious towel is one of my favourites to date.

  • Cotton Candy logo on pink and black

    Cotton Candy Tangible Marketing Solutions

    Clients of Cotton Candy have had fully custom branded towels made with strict brand guidelines. While we cannot show the final styles due to brand restrictions, we can tell you that they all loved them!

  • Guardian logo of a griffin and G in gold

    Guardian Womens Event

    Beautiful embroidery was added to our stocked towels for a Women's event. We gift wrapped each towel and deliverd them ready to hand out, on time and in style.

  • Beautycounter

    A group of consultants had a beautiful custom towel made to celebrate Beautycounter.

  • Custom Turkish cotton woven towel for Handpicked by Jess Box by Jess Moskaluke in 2022 This three colour towel was made specifically for this box in limited quantities. In this images we see the towel partially rolled on a white table

    Jess Moskaluke

    Handpicked by Jess is a thoughtfully curated collection of specialty items by Jess Moskaluke herself. The fifth edition of Handpicked by Jess includes a custom, three colour towel by Pomp & Sass as the feature item.

  • Pink and white Elora Mill Spa towel depicting the tooth of time and waterfall.

    Elora Mill Spa

    We made line art depicting their local landmark and had that woven into the towel. These are then sold in the spa as souvenirs.

  • Custom doTerra hand towels with the doTERRA abode logo embroidered onto the hand towels. Custom Turkish cotton hand towels for marketing merchandise towards a recognition program


    The recognition program at the doTerra headquarters office ordered our Horona Oat hand towels with custom embroidery. They where very pleased.

  • JW Marriott the Rosseau Muskoka custom marketing towel in blue fern with griffin embroidered onto the towel

    JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka

    Gifted to newly weds who hosted their nuptials on site. These VIP gifts where a touch of luxury and thanksgiving.

  • Monjour

    We illustrated the various flavors that this product comes in which resulted in a full towel floral & fruit line art design. The logo was carefully embroidered to not exceed the legal logo limit as per CBD product guidelines.

  • Trane

    The Trane branding package was utilized to develop this towel set for use as promotional merchandise.

    As per Trane brand guidelines we cannot show this design.

  • Windrush

    WeShall ordered a custom farmhouse style design with their new windrush logo. The resulting all white design featured a pattern with the logo featured in the woven pattern.

    image coming soon

  • Custom towels for the doTerra abode recognition program custom merchandise


    The doTerra recognition program chose one of our catalog styles and had their logo embroiderd onto the hand towels.

  • green fern Turkish cotton woven towel for the JW Marriott The Rosseau Mukoka marketing department custom merchandise

    JW Marriott the Rosseau Muskoka

    This marketing team chose one of our catalog style in two colour variations and has their logo embroiderd onto the towel.

  • Pink and white Elora Mill Spa towel depicting the tooth of time and waterfall.

    Elora Mill

    This spa wanted a fully illustrated style made to represent their iconic location. This hand drawn illustration was woven right into the fabric.

  • Jess Moskaluke in her custom Turkish cotton towel by Pomp & Sass

    Handpicked by Jess

    Jess Moskaluke requested that the custom art made for her subscription box would be translated into the towel design with her choice of colour. The three colour cloud style was woven into the fabric.

  • Yellow and orange Turkish cotton towel at the beach. Sand free.

    Charity Drive

    This catalog style was made in a custom colour pallet with the design woven into the fabric.

  • Turkish cotton towel in red and white with maple leaves and a bear family.

    Canadian Bears

    Our catalog style featuring a bear family and mapple leaves was made with a custom illustration in the Canadian flag colours. This style is woven into the fabric.

We Welcome Retailers

Sell Pomp & Sass stocked towels in your store or use them as a fundraiser. Purchasing our stocked styles is easy and quantities are low.

Or Contact Us to Sell Pomp & Sass

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