"I originally purchased this product for my girlfriend and myself, but now I'm thinking of purchasing more as gifts for my family and friends. Never before have I had a towel that's so light be able to dry me so quick. I love it because I usually leave my towel in the locker room at my gym and it stays wet when I go again in the evening, now that is no longer an issue. My girlfriend isn't really using it as a towel, rather she uses it as an accessory when she goes to work. Drapes it over her shoulders for some style and to keep her warm. Great product, will definitely buy again!"

- Cole K - Testimonial


"I just bought these towels for our vacation and we loved them. Super lightweight so they didn't add any bulk to our luggage, they absorb water so well but at the same time don't feel super wet, and sand hardly stuck to them when we took them to the beach. Perfect towels for a million different uses!"

- Patrick Queenan - Testimonial - Photographer

Repeat Customer

"My family absolutely loves Pomp & Sass towels! My 8 year old daughter uses her’s as a blanket to snuggle in when she’s watching a movie. She even wraps her Guinea Pig up in it so he stays warm! We really like the designs and colour choices. We will be getting more for sure!"

- Ben Palmer - Testimonial- Oakville Realtor

Repeat Customer

"A beautiful product and outstanding quality. I used it on my travels as a blanket, towel and wrap. Just perfect!"

- Noreen Javed - Testimonial

Repeat Customer

"Just loved this towel, wrap and blanket. Used it from the time I got on the plane and every day on the trip. Hand washed beautifully and dried quickly. "

- Cathy Robb - Testimonial- Luxury World Traveler

Bed & Breakfast Owner Operator

"I own a Bed & Breakfast and originally bought the Pompandsass Beach towels for personal use. What a find! These high end Turkish cotton towels are woven to a smooth surface that offers incredibly enduring softness and absorbency. They have beautiful designs and so very easy to maintain. They are quick drying, need no softener and warp around for an emergency house coat or a wonderful stylish warp to take to the beach. Sand easily shakes out. The very best part is in travel use: you have a garment that is a towel, beach warp or wrap for cool evenings ... and it weighs next to nothing. I have now added a Pompandsass towel to each of my guest rooms! Guests are delighted with this statement towel that is earth friendly (made from natural fibers and uses no fabric softener ... much better for the environment) and super absorbent. Thanks for an incredible product! "

- Rosemarie Eger - Testimonial- Highview Bed & Breakfast

Interior Designer

“LOVE your towels"

- Tina Marie Sign - Testimonial- Creative Director at Lionsgate Designs

Interior Designer

"Our Pomp & Sass Turkish towels made their way into my suitcase and all the way to Mauritius! They were absolutely wonderful to use on the beach and poolside as they dry very quickly and are oh so soft! Perfect for 30 degrees and 90% humidity! Have you tried Turkish towels? I am a convert!"

- Jacqueline Manji - Testimonial- Owner of Ultra Luxe Linens

Clean Beauty & Wellness

"I absolutely adore my Pomp & Sass towels. They are beautiful, durable and get softer with each wash. They’re the perfect lightweight weave that makes them as practical as they are luxurious. They are absorbent, soft and quick to dry making them perfect for travel and a beach/pool essential. But my love for Pomp & Sass goes beyond the towels. I try to be a conscious consumer and support brands that are doing good. Pomp & Sass is not only a local, female run Canadian brand but one that is making conscious efforts to be sustainable, ethical and have a positive impact on the world. Now that’s a brand I’m excited to get behind. "

- Lindsay Currie - Testimonial- Well by Design

doTERRA Recognition Program

"Pomp & Sass has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Their customer service and response time was impressive! We’re completely thrilled with the product we received and that Pomp & Sass was willing to help us get a finished product we feel confident that our customer base will enjoy and use regularly!"

- Conner Randall - Testimonial- doTERRA