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What Would You Do If Your Towels Could Fit Into A Single Dresser Drawer?

How to free up closet space? Pomp & Sass towels fit 15 into a single dresser drawer.
Imagine for a moment what it would feel like to find yourself at the tail end of your spring cleaning to-do list. You’ve cleaned the hard to reach places behind your bed frame and refrigerator, you’ve deep cleaned your oven and light fixtures, and you’ve gone through your closets and dresser drawers and purged all of the things you no longer use or need. You notice that your woven towels now fit into a single dresser drawer, leaving empty closet space to spare for the first time. What would you do with it?

Fill it with Stuff

Life is filled with a lot of stuff. Over the years, it’s easy for all of that stuff to fill up our closets, storage bins, and dressers leaving us with little room to breathe. Even after a spring cleaning purge, there is always something new that will take up the space you’ve made. That could mean a new blouse, pair of shoes, or accessories. This empty closet space could be an opportunity to reorganize and renegotiate your closet space to create better functionality among not only your storage spaces but your mind.

Create a Home Office

Another possible use for this newfound closet space is to create a home office. There are so many designs and customization options available to create a highly functional and productive work space. You can use the higher shelves for storage, the lower as a desk space, and the doors for added hanging storage. Living in small spaces requires creative and clever use of every inch of square footage, and refurbishing your closet as a home office is an opportunity to maximize your living space.

Craft a Hobbies Central Drawer

It’s easy to fall into the trap of lamenting that you don’t have the time for your hobbies, but finding the right place to store your hobby supplies can lead to making the time for them. With your empty closet space, you now have the opportunity to invest time and space to your hobbies by using labeled bins and dividers to make your shelves magazine worthy.

Store Your Memories 

Not only do we collect things throughout our lives, but we also collect memories. If you are a more sentimental person who attaches meaning to things, your free closet space is an opportunity to store all the mementos you want to keep such as a thank you card from your best friend’s wedding, your student card from university, or printed pictures from your last vacation. You could line up your scrapbooks and photo albums on a shelf or store a decorative box of mementos in your closet for easy access to memory lane. With this free closet space, you have room for your memories to live on.

Leave it Empty!

Maybe you want to channel your inner Marie Kondo and live a minimalist life free from the burden of things. If that’s how you feel, then the best option would be to keep the closet space empty. It’s likely that it will be filled again eventually, but to enjoy the absence of clutter from your storage spaces and mind could be the most freeing solution for you.

Maximize Your Free Closet Space to Meet Your Needs

The possibilities for how to make the most of your storage spaces are endless. Closet spaces are the under reported storage spaces that can be used for creative and unconventional purposes. The key is identifying what your needs are and using the closet space accordingly.

If you prioritize drawer space for storing clothes and other products, you can still use your closet space to store your woven towels. Since they are lightweight and fold small, they take up less space in not only one drawer, but one closet shelf too.

What would you do if your towels could fit into a single dresser drawer?

Written by Eleni Zaptses

Pomp and Sass’s woven towels are lightweight, absorbent, and get softer over time. 

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