A man using a Turkish towel at the beach because he values sustainability

Sustainable Travel Tips

We compiled our best sustainable travel tips in one quick guide! It's our practice approach to help you live your best life anywhere in the world!

If you want the stories behind our suggestions, let us know and we will make another blog article!

Young Latina woman holding a parasol, draped in a white Turkish Towel.

Never Leave Home Without a Turkish Towel

A good Turkish towel is lightweight, folds very small and looks like a piece of clothing. It can be used in the bath or brach (sand doesn't stick) and washed in a small sink, only to dry very fast. You can also use is as a sarong, shawl, light blanket and scarf. 

Wear it like a scarf for long journeys. You can roll it for a pillow, use it as a blanket and then tuck in into most bags on the way out. Turkish towels are beautiful so your comfort won't look bad in photos! So sink into your sweetest dreams.

Woman in the shower with a green Turkish towel around her head and a white Turkish towel drying her body

Don't Cary Water in Your Products

Many liquid toiletries carry water you don't need or want to travel with. Avoid the added weight and potential mess by making the switch to bars and tablets. 

Start with your hair care. Many clean beauty brands offer the same high quality shampoo & conditioners in bars. Make sure you lather them in your hands instead of rubbing them directly onto your head. It's a common mistake. 

Toothpaste tablets are also a great way to travel with fresh breath. Not only do they take much less space in your bag but they are incredibly effective. 

Other effective water free travel essentials are: laundry bars, moisturizer bars and face serum bars.

Research Souvenirs Before You Travel

Find out what your destination does best and look for it. It's amazing how many single use, non authentic items you will save. Buy something special that will bring you joy everytime you use it. 

This can also work with food. When you know what the best local dishes are, you will spend less time eating tourism food you can get at home. 

Man and his dog on the beach in Mexico looking over the water. A green Turkish towel hangs over the lounge they are sitting on
It's Time for Take Off!

Enjoy your time traveling. Be mindful, present and joyful. Let us know if the comments if these tips worked for you! 

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