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How to Stay More Hydrated in the Summer

Have you ever found yourself reaching for one more glass of rosé while on the beach or at your friend’s backyard barbecue when you know you should be drinking water?

We’ve all been there. It’s very easy to get dehydrated, not to mention sunburned, come summertime. While we all know that we should be drinking eight glasses of water per day, it’s not always the most inspiring choice. Fortunately, there are other ways we can keep ourselves hydrated that can be more exciting and flavourful.

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Invest In a New Water Bottle

While we are more inspired to be active in the summertime due to the warmer temperatures, we often neglect to carry water with us to keep us hydrated. One way to stay more hydrated in the summer is to carry a water bottle around with you wherever you go. Carrying a reusable water bottle with you not only prevents you from becoming dehydrated, but it also reduces your carbon footprint and your contribution of single use plastics at the landfill. You may even consider keeping a reusable water bottle chilled in your refrigerator, ready for your next outdoor activity. If you plan to take your refrigerated water bottle outside, consider using a woven hand towel to wipe away the condensation for added convenience.

Add Flavour to your Water

The taste of water might not be an inspiring choice for everyone, and drinking it over and over again can be monotonous for many. Consider adding flavor to your water like lemon wedges, cucumber slices, or strawberries to heighten the flavour of your water while quenching your thirst. If possible, avoid any flavoured water mixes because they contain plenty of sugar and lack nutrients.

Drink Milk in Moderation

When we think of hydration, we tend to associate hydration with water-based sources. However, there is another source of hydration in milk. Studies show that milk is very good at keeping you hydrated because your body retains it longer. Milk also provides your body several essential nutrients such as calcium and protein. Drinking milk or adding milk to meals in moderation, such as oatmeal, is another great way to start your day hydrated while feeling full longer.

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Eat Water-Rich Foods

Not only does what we drink contribute to our hydration, but so do the foods we eat. Opting for foods that are more waterlogged such as fruits and vegetables is another way to keep yourself hydrated throughout the summer. Fortunately, many fruits and vegetables are available and in season during the summer months, so take advantage of the availability. When you find yourself packing up for a day at the beach, consider packing fruits and vegetables over the tempting bag of chips to make sure you and your family stay hydrated while having fun in the sun.

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Refresh with Coconut Water

Another tropical beverage that is very hydrating is coconut water. Coconut water is packed with electrolytes which keep you hydrated and refreshed on those hot, humid days. When choosing which brand of coconut water to purchase at the grocery store, make sure you pick a brand that is labelled as plain coconut water. Many pre-packaged coconut water options have added sugar.

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Track Your Water Intake

While it’s important to choose what goes in our bodies to keep us hydrated, it’s just as important to be aware of what’s coming out too. Our bodies have different needs and our hydration levels fluctuate at different rates. Pay attention to how often you urinate and what colour it is to gauge if you are hydrated or dehydrated.

Staying Cool, Calm, and Hydrated

Staying hydrated in the summertime can be a challenge because we often lose a significant amount of fluid from sweat. But it is possible to manage.
Being aware of our hydration ensures that we are taking care of one of the most essential aspects of our health. While staying hydrated is a necessity, it can still be fun and flavourful too.

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Written by Eleni Zaptses

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