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How Maximizing Your Purchases by Supporting Conscious Brands Makes a Difference

As consumers, we are constantly bombarded with making purchasing decisions. Whether we’re looking for a new pair of jeans, completing our weekly grocery run, or considering a new car, we are regularly deciding on which brands we choose to support with a purchase. With so many brands fighting for shelf space both physically and virtually, too much choice can be overwhelming. How do we decide? For some more routine items, purchasing on the basis of price may be enough justification. Yet, sometimes there are other factors that go into our purchasing decisions. It is through our ability to choose that consumers have significant purchasing power.
We don’t always realize it, but consumers carry a considerable amount of power in the purchasing process. Each dollar spent is a vote cast towards the brands we value. Why do we always choose the same laundry detergent? It’s an act of loyalty that is justified from the consistent satisfaction we have had from the product. 

The Power of our Purchase

Over recent years, we’ve become more aware of the impact our buying decisions have on the world around us. It’s become increasingly important for brands to demonstrate social responsibility and take stances on current social movements. We now have another decision to make. Do we also spend our dollars on brands that are socially conscious when possible? Supporting conscious brands maximizes your purchases because you are paying for something that delivers a value beyond your need for the product. Each dollar spent goes toward something beyond the product itself such as a portion of the profits being donated to charity. It’s a win-win for both consumers and companies.
There are many ways supporting conscious brands makes a difference that we may not always  consider in the moment of making a purchasing decision. Here are some ways that your purchase is maximized when supporting conscious brands.

Support Similar Values 

Supporting socially conscious brands is an opportunity to leverage our buying decisions to support issues we care about. When it comes to choosing our top values, there are many causes to choose from. We can choose brands that are fair trade, ethically made, eco friendly, sustainable charity, local, female run and more. Occasionally, you may even find companies supporting multiple causes, which can make your purchases carry even more value. As a value conscious consumer, your purchasing decisions represent your values, and you can maximize your purchases to support companies that aid similar causes and initiatives that you do.  
There are several options to choose from when it comes to socially conscious brands. We can choose between Fair Trade, Ethically Made, Eco Friendly, Sustainable, Supporting charity, local, female run and others. Occasionally you may even find combinations or unicorns who try to touch on them all. 

Support Small and Local Businesses

Every business starts with an idea and often little capital. Many socially conscious brands start small, and it takes time and word of mouth for companies with great ideas to grow. Not only does your purchase provide value in the form of a product you love and need, but your purchase can go towards supporting local businesses in your own communities.

Support Giving Back to Communities and Charities

Business is not just about making money; it’s about fostering community. Due to consumer demand, conscious brands have recognized their ability to give back to communities and causes that align with their mission and company values. Whether a portion of your purchase goes toward your local food bank, saving the declining bee population, or providing educational resources to underprivileged students, your dollar stretches further than the product itself.

Support Environmental Sustainability

Many companies have taken active measures to move towards a more sustainable business model as a pledge to fight climate change. For example, many companies are now using certified compostable plastics to package their products. They are made to act like regular plastics and are safe for home or city compost. They are just as useful and durable as regular plastics while being immensely less harmful to our planet. Supporting sustainable brands can make a difference in normalizing consumer expectations for brands to lower their carbon footprint in as many ways as they can.  

Look out for certified compostable plastics. Made to act like regular plastics they are safe for home or city compost. Just as useful, 100% less harmful to our planet. 

Supporting The Labours at Each Stage of the Production Process 

It takes a village to make a product from start through finish. Many people all around the world have contributed some form of time and labour to create the products you enjoy. Supporting conscious brands means that you can also invest in fair trade goods that outsource and employ workers at each stage of the production process. Your purchase can make a difference in the livelihoods of many people around the world. 

Every Dollar Counts

There are so many ways that your purchases are maximized when supporting socially conscious brands. While we can’t expect brands to do it all, recognizing and validating every effort with thoughtful purchasing decisions makes a difference. 

Making these conscious decisions may not be an option for you at all times, and that’s perfectly okay. Lean into being a conscious consumer when you can. Although it may feel like making a conscious purchasing decision is nothing but a slight ripple in a calm river, that ripple carries the current downstream.

What socially conscious brands do you see are making a difference?

Written by Eleni Zaptses

Pomp and Sass’s woven body towels are ethically made, fair trade, and environmentally friendly products while a portion of the profits is donated to charity. 

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