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Everyday Self-Care Routines You Shouldn’t Miss

Practicing self-care in our daily routines is far more important and beneficial than we often allow credit for. Sometimes, it can be difficult to see the value of investing time for self-care when we have so many other responsibilities that monopolize our attention.

But it matters. You matter. And your needs matter.

That’s why it’s important to prioritize your self care needs alongside all of your other responsibilities. If you don’t, then your needs will be neglected, and you may encounter the likes of fatigue and burnout. So pushing your time for self-care to weekends isn’t the only path forward. Self-care is something that we benefit from most when we check-in with ourselves everyday. With the right self-care strategies that can be incorporated into our daily routines, we can ensure that our needs are met while meeting other responsibilities and obligations.

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Start Your Day with Drinking a Glass of Water

When we start our days, we start them slightly dehydrated due to a long and restful night’s sleep. That’s why drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up can help re-hydrate your body and start your day off right.

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Find Your Breath

On the days where it feels like everything is going sideways, it’s important to recognize that we need to step back and take a breath. A big part of self-care is awareness of the self and our needs, and one particular exercise that brings awareness to our body’s needs is meditation. Taking a moment, a minute, or an hour can bring awareness and mindfulness of how we are feeling. Even taking one deep breath makes a difference.

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Practice Gratitude

On the days where it feels like everything is going wrong, it can be difficult to find appreciation in anything. That’s why practicing gratitude is another self-care act that can help bring more positivity and self-compassion into our daily routines. Practicing gratitude is taking the time to notice and reflect upon the things we’re thankful for. When we feel frustrated when things aren’t going our way, we tend to fixate on the negative which sours our mood and motivation. Changing our perspective to pause and appreciate what is good in our lives, no matter how small it may seem, is an effective self-care tip that helps improve your state of mind, mood, and body.

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Cook Yourself a Nice Meal

If you are a foodie, cooking yourself a nice meal is another act of self-care that can bring nourishment and happiness to your daily life. What we put into our bodies is important for our health and well-being, and it can be just as flavourful and fun. Find whatever recipes inspire you to put the care and love into cooking food that will make you feel good.


Exercise Daily

Humans are made to move. That’s why exercise is an integral part of our lifestyle that is best served in small doses everyday. While sweating it out at the gym isn’t for everyone, find whatever exercise activity you enjoy most and incorporate it into your daily routine. Exercising contributes far more to our lives than just our physical health. Regularly exercising positively affects our mental and emotional health too.


Detox from Technology and Work

Screen fatigue and social media burnout are common when boundaries are not put in place between your work life and home life. Try limiting your screen time every day to detox from the stress that being connected to work and social media platforms can create. For some, this limit may be turning off their phone before going to bed, for others, it may be limiting their engagement with technology to work hours. Determine your limits based on what is appropriate for you.

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Leave Room to Have Fun

While there are many responsibilities that we have to do everyday, it’s just as important to take some time to do something you want to do everyday. Take a bath, watch a movie, have a mini dance party. Do whatever it is that brings you joy and happiness. We all need to recharge mentally, emotionally, and physically, so who says we can’t have fun while doing that?

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Prioritizing You

Prioritizing the need to take care of ourselves is a best practice for all of us. While our needs change over time, so do the strategies that work best in our everyday routine. But there will always be another strategy out there to try. All it takes is the will and curiosity to look within.

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Written by Eleni Zaptses

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