Why are Turkish towels the best beach towels

What are the Best Beach Towels?

When thinking critically about versatility, sustainability and function, Turkish towels are the best beach towel. But don’t take our word for it. This article outlines the most common beach towels so you can come to your own conclusion. 

Turkish Towels are the best kind of beach towel

PRO: High quality Turkish towels have a tightly woven smooth surface made with pure Turkish cotton. This surface has nothing for sand to stick too so it falls right off. Turkish cotton is absorbent and fast to dry. It’s also safe on even the most sensitive skin. Fold it small, wear it like a sarong and enjoy how lightweight it is. They also last a long time and look amazing in photos!


CON: The price point for these high quality towels are more expensive than cheaper options. There are not as many designs and not everyone likes the tassels. 

Terry towels collect sand

PRO: Terry towels are less expensive and more commonly offered in vibrant styles. 

CON: Terry towels are made with thousands of tiny loops. These loops pick up sand and other abrasive particles. The loops will pull hair and the caught particles will create micro abrasions. The core of the towels absorb and hold onto water making them heavy. Often these towels are made with a poly blend cotton which contains plastic. The plastic breaks down which shortens the lifespan of the product. Printed terry towels only last a few years as the design fades. Terry towels cannot be used for other purposes other than a towel. 

Synthetic towels are not sustainable 

PRO: Blended towels can be tissue thin, abrob enough and offer a range of novelty designs. They can also fold micro small. 

CON: Poly blend towels aren’t as absorbent and offer no luxury at all. Fibres made with plastic or petroleum byproducts are not sustainable. They come from fossil fuels and take hundreds or thousands of years to biodegrade. This can cause immediate damage to you as well as the environment. When a plastic fibre starts to break down, they become crunchy. This roughness can spread micro plastics onto the skin which can damage it. 


The best towels are made with natural fibres, are plastic free and can be used for multiple purposes. They don’t collect sand, scratch skin or add to pollution. But that’s our take away. What’s yours?

Written by Nikky Starrett (she/they) Founder of Pomp & Sass.

This article is the opinion of the author.

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