Front window to the RBC eXperience Market Place located in the Sherway Garden Mall 2022

Vendors at eXperience with RBC

Six small business owners and vendors stand by the front desk of the RBC eXperience Market located in the Sherway Garden Mall 2022

Take six small businesses and put them together, what do you have? The answer is a supportive network of hardworking people. We know the roller coaster of emotions and live the long hours of work that goes into it. There is understanding, compassion and community between us. 

This winter, RBC carefully selected six of us to participate in their pop up store. Each of us share similar values of craftsmanship, social impact and diligence within our businesses. 

Let me introduce us all to you. Come visit us at Sherway Gardens Mall, in the eXperience Pop Up by RBC until the end of December 2022. For more information about the eXperience Market Place read more here.

Nikky Starrett founder of Pomp & Sass hold the green Fern Body Towel made with pure Turkish cotton in front of their booth at the RBC eXperience Market located in the Sherway Garden Mall 2022

Pomp & Sass

Pomp and 

Most social channels @pompandsass

My unique line of spa quality Turkish cotton towels has been hand drawn and manufactured to be versatile. Use our towels in the bath, at the beach or traveling. They are highly absorbent, fast to dry and soft. 

I launched the business after the pregnancy with my child cured me of my disabling neurological syndrome. As I found myself more able I pursued my ambitions of launching my own product line. After many challenges I now offer seven styles of towels I hand drew myself while also specializing in custom towels for other private brands. Like the rest of these features businesses, I am a small enterprise with a lot to offer and a future full of potential. 

Toyin founder of I am a Pretty Kind stands in front of her booth at the RBC eXperience Market located in the Sherway Garden Mall 2022

Pretty Kind

Founder Toyin has quickly become one of my favorite people. Her abundance of joy and vivacious energy is radiant. So is her makeup and curly hair brand. From the bright orange packaging to the delicately designed product itself, this has an air of luxury. Then I learned that this clean beauty product is specifically designed for brown skin, something we don’t see nearly enough of. 

While I do not have brown skin, I am looking forward to trying Toyin’s curly hair products and lip stains. I don’t wear a lot of makeup but when I do it must be clean. I highly recommend trying this for yourself as well. These also make excellent gifts, especially because they are so striking and work well.

Jazmine founder of Soft & Butter stands in front of their booth at the RBC eXperience Market located in the Sherway Garden Mall 2022

Soft & Butter

Jasmine developed this line of all natural skincare products after learning about the  healing practices of South America from her family and community. With many sustainable ingredients harvested from their families land in the Amazon, Jasmine carefully developed several highly effective products for all skin types. 

To talk about skincare with Jasmine is to see a passionate and energetic maker in action. I tried the Bacuri moisturizer and was delighted by how effective it was and how sensational it smelled. 

While this line is handmade, I confirmed that wholesale production is set up for brands who want to carry this wonderful product line in stores. 

The Sitti booth at the RBC eXperience Market located in the Sherway Garden Mall 2022

Sitti Soap

I met Nora, the founder of SITTI, at EDGE, an Entrepreneur Hub located through Sheridan College, then again at the spring Home Show. Her passion for education, empowerment and support of refugees is a heartwarming story of diligent effort. 

The majority of the products sold by SITTI are made by refugees, with the proceeds going to the people who make the product. What’s not made by refugees is sourced by under represented small business owners. Not only is everything at SITTI exceptional quality but the people who make them are able to be self-sufficient through sales. 

The founders of Cardamom and Co at their booth in the RBC eXperience Market located in the Sherway Garden Mall 2022

Cardamom & Co

FB, Twiter @cardamomandco 

IG @cardamomandco_

This wife and husband team launched Cardamom & Co in 2020. The foundation of this outstanding line of teas and sundry came together while they were spreading joy during lockdown. Gift baskets and personalized care packages turned into a business that these two partners were glad to pursue. 

Premium teas and chai with a heartwarming story of kindness is the beating heart of this company. Let’s celebrate them together as their aspirations continue to bring us all comfort and joy during these challenging times. 

A vendor for Roses without Thorns stands at their booth in the RBC eXperience Market located in the Sherway Garden Mall 2022

Roses Without Thorns 

IG, TikTok @roses.withoutthorns 

Founder Link Tong, with the support of his friends and family, creates the most outstanding pop up card art that is beautifully engineered and handmade with love. He designs them himself which I find incredibly impressive because the engineering required for these requires a high level of skill and genius. 

I first met Link at the Home Show last spring. I purchased cards for the mothers in my family for the upcoming Mother’s Day. These treasures surprised and delighted us all and I’be been cheering for this small business to succeed ever since. 

Written by Nikky Starrett, Founder of Pomp & Sass

All opinions expressed are that of the author and do not reflect the official RBC or other vendor opinions.

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