Turkish towel hanging on a hook with impact badges

Turkish Towels at the Grammy Gifting Lounge

The Secret Room Swag Bags for the Grammy nominees 2023

(The swag bag for Grammy Nominees 2023. Pomp & Sass is the blue and white body towel in the far right side of the image.)

Canadian based social enterprise Pomp & Sass has been invited to the Secret Room Events Gifting Lounge for the 2023 Grammy nominees. As a small business, this opportunity to showcase our product to celebrities is an important opportunity. If even one celebrity offers their opinion of our product publicly, we will receive enough visibility to gain sales and thrive. 

Who is Pomp & Sass

Pomp & Sass offers an exclusive line of spa quality Turkish towels that are ethically made and sustainable. We also donate a portion of our sales to the Canadian Woman's Foundation.

Founded by Nikky Starrett, Pomp & Sass is a small company (Woman owned and LGBT+) offering a unique line of towels that the founder hand drew themselves. These are designed to be the highest quality to function as more than a regular towel.

These towels are used as a pool or bath towel as well as a sarong, shawl, light blanket and scarf. The towels out perform their competitors in quality, usefulness and social impact. They are also machine washable, fold small and are travel essentials. 

The Secret Room Event 2023

Pomp & Sass is an online store based in Ontario Canada and is pleased to announce it will be attending the Secret Room Events Gifting Lounge for the 2023 Grammy nominees in Los Angeles, California.

The Secret Room Events is a marketing firm run by Rita Branch who focuses on the entertainment industry. This skilled team produces exclusive swag bags, award show gifts, and more.

Custom Branded Turkish Towels

In addition to an online store, Pomp & Sass specializes in custom towels. We illustrate a brands/locations offering or design a unique style with the logo woven directly into the fabric.

These are then sold as branded merchandise or used during marketing promotions such as golf tournaments, VIP gifts or fundraisers.

Our full service customization process is convenient and easy which ads to the appeal of this novel branded merchandise item that is new to the market. 

The Pomp & Sass Mission 

“Our mission statement is to be a positive impact in the world. We do that with a useful, sustainable and conscious product that outperforms our competitors in all the right ways." Founder of Pomp & Sass Nikky Starrett (she/they)

Contact Pomp & Sass

For more information, please visit pompandsass.ca or call the number 1+905-906-1104

Company Name: Pomp & Sass Inc.
Contact Person: Nikky Starrett (she/they)
Email: hello@pompandsass.ca
Phone: 1+905-906-1104
Country: Ontario, Canada EST
Website: pompandsass.ca

Wholesale Pagepompandsass.ca/wholesale

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