Nikky Starrett, founder of Pomp & Sass stands holding the Fern green Turkish cotton body towel at the RBC eXperience Market located in the Sherway Garden Mall 2022

The RBC eXperience Pop Up Store at Sherway Gardens Mall

The RBC eXperience Pop Up Store at Sherway Gardens Mall

This end of year has marked a significant turning point for my small business Pomp & Sass. In the best ways, I have begun to see an increase of brand recognition, and subsequently sales. Our saving grace took form in unexpected opportunities that arrived because kind people where speaking of us in rooms where we where not present. This word of mouth marketing supported and surprised me. 

RBC eXperience Market entrance in 2022 at Sherway Garden Mall


The RBC eXperience

One of these opportunities came in the form of a booth in the RBC pop up shop called eXperience, the Market Place located in Sherway Gardens Mall. This booth was offered to us as the RBC brand looked to support and uplift local small businesses that resonate with their own values. 

The large, beautifully designed space featured six local businesses (learn more about them here) and hosted several additional areas of interest. These added value to shoppers and enticed foot trafic. 

The staff supported the RBC eXperience in support of the small business as well as providing more information to shoppers about the pop up. 

Nikky Starrett at the Pomp & Sass booth located inside the RBC eXperience Market in Sherway Garden Mall 2022


A Space for Teaching Children about Financial Literacy

The childrens center offered young learners the opportunity to better understand the basics of financial literacy. This inclusive space was set up perfectly to encourage their participation. Three tiny tables and six chairs with a soft corner full of books sat on top of a colourful carpet. This charming corner provided a lot of entertainment to young people while their parent shopped.

This space was also used to host special events for kids to learn more about the basics of financial literacy. By providing our youngest family members with useful knowledge, RBC is setting them up for future success. As a parent, this was a really nice thing to witness. Our children are our future after all.

the Kidpreneur Corner at the RBC eXperience Marketplace located in Sherway Garden Mall 2022


Let’s Wrap it Like the Gift it is

Complimentary gift wrapping was offered on site. Bright ribbons and beautiful papers are offered to wrap those special new gifts. This intentional point of service was a really nice touch. 

As a small business, knowing that we are making it easy to give the gift of local small business was heartwarming. Telling shoppers that they could conveniently have my items wrapped for their loved was helped close the sale.

Two hands hold a set of Pomp & Sass Turkish cotton towels wrapped as a gift in the RBC eXperience Marketplace located in Sherway Garden Mall 2022


Let Them Sing 

Live music by local talent brought in many unlikely shoppers. Not only did this special addition bring in curious listeners, it elevated the experience of us sellers too.

I noticed that the musical talent was as fresh as our own ventures. Seeing them so joyful for the opportunity to be heard in an upscale shopping venue was a wonderful thing. It elevated the experience for me personally. 

A man sings and plays the guitar in the RBC eXperience Marketplace located in Sherway Garden Mall 2022


Drink it In

A water bar with fresh fruit and reusable glasses hydrated us all. This insta worthy area was both functional and fabulous. I love when things do double duty. 

The detail that went into the visual presentation of this highly functional space was outstanding. The water themed installation was incredible. Whoever crafted it has my congratulations. That is a showcase of skill.

A diverse group of small business owners and vendors gather in front of the main desk at the RBC eXperience Marketplace located in Sherway Garden Mall 2022

My overal impression

It brings me great joy to see others lifted. Being one of those uplifted parties is something I’m very grateful for. I am happy to happy to be part of this space and to work with all these amazing people. 

The care and consideration that that whole team put into this pop up shop showed me just how committed to supporting local that RBC is. From the first email to the staff on site, this was an easy and encouraging opportunity. As a small business, after so much struggle, this was a meaningful, supporting opportunity I won’t soon forget. 

Written by Nicky Starrett, founder of Pomp & Sass November 2022

All opinions expressed are that of the author and do not reflect the official RBC or other vendor opinions.

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