Two glasses of red wine with a bottle of wine sit upon a Turkish towel overlooking the lake on Ontario

Sommevents approves our Turkish towels for wine glasses

Earlier this year, Marte Belisle of Somm Events tested our Turkish hand towels against the toughest winery standards. This is what she had to say about it. 

''I want to thank you for sending me a sample of your hand towel.  I have tested it, washed it, and used it.

It is great for wine glasses as it leaves no lint behind and polishes a glass beautifully, before and after the towel has been washed.  I found it very absorbent and even picked up a red wine spill which washed out very well.
Overall, I think you have a great product and it will fit very well in the wine industry.'' ~ Marte Belisle June 1st 2023
Marte explained to me that she not only tested this to wash and dry wine glasses but she also tested it for stains. Using her dirtiest red wine, Marte soaked up spills to see if the towel would wash. It met all her criteria for a good wine towel!
The pleasure of finding a good towel to bring your wine glasses to a fine spotless sparkle is a true joy. I'm thrilled that we passed this test and have been approved for the Niagara Winery industry. 
If you are a winery or wine expert and would like to use or sell our Turkish towels, please email or message use on WhatsApp at 905 906 1104. We look forward to supporting your wine towel goals as a Canadian business and social enterprise. 
Written by Nikky Starrett, founder of Pomp & Sass
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