Pomp & Sass Turkish towels booth at the Seasons Christmas Show 2022

Seasons Christmas Show Pomp & Sass Booth

Seasons Christmas Show Booth

In November 2022 we attended the Seasons Christmas Show as a vendor. This was our first time selling at an event in the International Center. We has such a good time! Here are the highlights. 

Pomp & Sass Turkish Cotton Towel Sign in wood at the Seasons Christmas Show booth

We Sold so Many Turkish Towels

People where going crazy for these towels. It was such a good feeling to see people getting excited about our product. They enjoyed the unique styles, the price and the social impact. 

Lin Spence and Nikky Starrett at the 2022 Seasons Christmas Show in front of Pomp & Sass Turkish Towel booth

We met Lynn Spence

Lynn Spence was a guest speaker and featured our towels on stage twice! She is a wonderful person and we made a lovely connection. 

She also mentioned wanting me on her podcast but that never happened. 

Two Turkish towels hanging from knitted stockings at the Seasons Christmas Show Booth

My Mom and I Work Really Well Together

My mother is a huge supporter of my business and it shows! She is so passionate about the towels that everyone who speaks to her wants to buy one! It makes me feel really proud.

Pomp & Sass Turkish Towel cards on the Seasons Christmas Show booth table

Until Next Year!

I'm looking forward to the 2023 Seasons Christmas Show. The staff, location and crowd are all wonderful. It's a lot of hard work but I think it's worthwhile! You should come say hello if you attend the show.

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