Pomp & Sass Turkish towel on the front cover of inStyle magazine

Pomp & Sass is Featured on the Front Cover of inStore Magazine


Pomp & Sass: A Radiant Splash on the Front Cover of inStore Fall 2022 Magazine

In the world of home decor and luxury textiles, Pomp & Sass has emerged as a vibrant and innovative brand that's capturing the hearts of design enthusiasts worldwide.

One of the early milestones for the company came in the Fall of 2022 when Pomp & Sass graced the front cover of the prestigious inStore magazine. With its stunning yellow and orange honeycomb pattern, Pomp & Sass not only caught the eye of readers but also made a lasting impression with its unique blend of style and quality.

A Bold Entrance: The Front Cover Feature

Imagine scanning through your favorite retail supplier / lifestyle magazine, and your eyes lock onto a striking, honeycomb-patterned design in vibrant yellow and orange hues. That's precisely what happened when Pomp & Sass was chosen for the coveted front cover feature of inStore Fall 2022. It was a moment that marked a turning point for the brand, showcasing its ability to merge classic elegance with contemporary aesthetics.

Diving Deeper: The Geometric Diamond Hand Towel

Pomp & Sass didn't stop at the front cover; they continued to captivate readers within the pages of inStore magazine. Inside, their blue and white Geometric Diamond hand towel stole the spotlight. The juxtaposition of rich blue against pristine white, combined with a unique geometric pattern, made this towel an instant favorite among design enthusiasts. It's a testament to Pomp & Sass's commitment to offering diverse and stylish home textiles.

Global Aspirations: Retailers in Canada and Beyond

While the front cover feature of inStore magazine was certainly a milestones, they are just a glimpse of what Pomp & Sass aims to achieve. The brand aspires to have its products sold by retailers across Canada and, ultimately, around the world. With their commitment to quality and innovative design, it's a goal that seems well within reach.

Luxury for Every Setting: Hotels, Spas, and Resorts

Pomp & Sass isn't just about elevating the aesthetics of homes; they also have their sights set on transforming the ambiance of hotels, spas, and resorts worldwide. Their dedication to creating textiles that exude luxury and comfort makes them an ideal choice for businesses looking to enhance their guest experience gifts and boutique merchandise. 

Conclusion: A Bright Future for Pomp & Sass

Pomp & Sass's appearance on the front cover of inStore Fall 2022 magazine was a remarkable achievement that showcased their commitment to innovation and style. With their eye-catching designs and dedication to quality, it's no wonder that they are poised for success in both the retail and hospitality industries. As they continue to expand their reach, Pomp & Sass is undoubtedly a brand to watch in the world of home decor and luxury textiles. Keep your eyes peeled for more stunning creations from this dynamic and forward-thinking company.

This article was written by Nikky Starrett with the assistance of ChatGPT, an AI language model developed by OpenAI


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