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Which Turkish Towels are the Best?

When we look beyond reviews and think critically about the variety of Turkish towels, there are a few key differentiators to focus on. The quality of the fabric, who made the towels and the towel designs are great ways to start. 

These opinions are based on the authors extensive knowledge of Turkish towels after dealing with the manufacturing, product development and sale over many years.

How to tell that a Turkish towel is high quality

Look carefully at the weave of the Turkish towel. Is the yearn consistent and soft? Is the weave tight or is there space between the thread? Are the tassels even? The best Turkish towels have a tight weave in a plastic free, pure cotton yarn. You want the towel to look like a piece of clothing. It should be lightweight, large enough to wrap around the body and fold small enough to tuck into a bag. 

Are the Turkish towels consciously made?

It’s easier than you may think to offer ethically made Turkish towels but many companies choose not to spend the time to ensure it’s done. The reason for this is because the cost of the product increases when wages are fair. But in this authors opinion that excuse is weak. 

Ask your towel provider about how their towels are made. Don’t stop at ‘are your Turkish towels ethically made?” Ask them if their manufacture hires people under the age of 18, what are their hours and breaks like, are men and women both hired equally. 

Pomp & Sass can tell you all about the people who makes their towels. The hard questions where asked before manufacturing began and we pay the extra cost. The people who make the towels are as important to us as the people who buy them. 

Find Beautiful Turkish Towels

Style is subjective and you should be happy with the style of towel you buy. If neutrals are your preference than buy neutrals. Same goes with colour. Turkish towels come in a variety of colours and styles. When we think about them this way, then we can conclude that the best Turkish towel is the one you like the best. 

Turkish towels are the best when they are high quality, ethically made and in the style you like best. When all three of these elements line up, you will have a towel that you look forward to using. That’s a win in itself. 

Written by Nikky Starrett (she/they) Founder of Pomp & Sass.

This article is the opinion of the author.

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