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How do Turkish Towels Work?

Turkish towels originate from the 17th century Turkish Baths known as Hammam Baths. They where made to be absorbent, fast to dry and offer coverage for modesty. They function at their best in bathing environments. 

Today, Turkish towels are used in everyday life towards whatever goal the user is working towards. This can be drying in the bath or at the beach. They are used as decorative throw blankets, table coverings, scarves, shawls and sarongs. People bring them on vacation and enjoy them in small homes. 

Turkish Towels are Bath Towels

Turkish towels offer large absorbent surfaces that are lightweight. Many people with low mobility in their hands are benefiting from these in the bath because they are lightweight. They can lift them and dry quickly. 

These towels are elegant bath towels that look good and dry quickly. White Turkish towels and colour options can be stain treated and washed in the sink. Machine washing is also an option. Avoid fabric softeners as this will make the fabric stiff. 

Turkish Towels are Beach Towels

Turkish towels fold very small and can be tucked into a beach bag. Or you can wear it to the beach as a sarong or beach cover. Sand doesn’t stick to the smooth, tightly woven surface. Use it several times as they dry quickly in the warm sun. 

Turkish towels help large families because many towels can be carried to and from the beach more easily than terry towels (towels with loops). They fold smaller, are lighter and leave the sand at the beach. Go a head a bury them to see for yourself.

Turkish Towels are Versatile

In response to smaller homes, useful items like Turkish towels are being used for more than their original purpose. These towels are being used as:
  • Light blankets
  • Decorative throws
  • Picnic Blanket
  • Yoga and meditation towel / blanket
  • Scarf
  • Shawl
  • Sarong
  • Kitchen tea towels
  • Bathroom hand towels
  • Table cloths and runners
  • Christmas Tree skirt

If you plan to use your Turkish towel for all these purposes, ensure that the weave of the towel is tight. Looser yearn may pull and tear. Shop for Turkish towels intentionally to ensure you get the most out of this very special item. 

How do Turkish Towels Work?

Turkish towels work as a large sheet to absorb and offer modest coverage. They offer a lightweight and compact usefulness too. However you need them to work, do that. In this authors opinion, use them however they bring you joy. 

Written by Nikky Starrett (she/they) Founder of Pomp & Sass.
This article is the opinion of the author.


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