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Can Turkish Towels go in the Dryer?

Washing Turkish towels is a hot topic with so many people learning about these amazing towels. In this article we review the different ways to dry your towels. If you want to learn about washing them, read this article. 

Please note that these opinions are based on high quality, pure Turkish cotton towels that have a tight weave. We encourage you to read your products' care instructions and think critically before taking action.

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Yes Turkish Towels Can Go Into The Dryer

Plastic free towels are safe to go into the dryer. Because they take little water to wash and dry quickly, you won’t need a whole drying cycle just for towels. So if you wash your towels with a few other cotton clothes, you can dry them with those same articles. This is good news for people who don’t have the space to hang dry large items like towels. 

It’s important to avoid chemical fabric softeners like dryer sheets and liquid softeners. Ironically these may cause your Turkish towels to become stiff or even crunchy. Swap these out for dryer balls. 

This article will walk you through what to do when your towels become crunchy.
Pro Tip: Giant dryer balls can reduce drying time by 50%. If this peaks your interest go to Ulta.ca. (Our recommendation only. Not an ad)

Drying Your Turkish towels for the first time

A high quality Turkish towel should dry without shrinking on the first wash. The best brands ensure that the towels come pre washed so there is no shrinking. These same quality towels don’t need to be soaked either. But if you want to practice these rituals with your new towels, we recommend hanging them to dry in a warm location with a drip catcher for the first wash.

If your towels come out of the dryer wrinkled, a quick steam or iron will smooth the surface of your Turkish towel so it looks like new. This rarely happens however. 

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The benefit of using a laundry bag

Dryer bags keep clothes from twisting, catching and rubbing against other articles sharing the wash cycle. By placing your Turkish towel into a large laundry bag you will support its natural longevity. While this isn’t a necessary step it will help your towel pristine. Think of it as a compromise from hand washing. 

In our family we wash our Turkish towels with our cotton clothes. After the wash, the whole load goes right into the dryer. By placing the towels into a laundry bag we ensure smaller clothes won’t get caught together so folding is easier. As a nuclear family with a young child, it’s important that chores are quickly and efficient.

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Should I hang dry my Turkish towel?

YES! By hanging your Turkish towels to dry you will lower your energy consumption and eliminate unnecessary wear. But that’s not practical for most people. High quality Turkish towels are safe in the dryer and will come out soft and safe. 

Turkish towels were originally made to be practical bathing items. They continue to be made for optimal versatility and usefulness. High quality Turkish towels are safe in the dryer and quickly hand dry. In the opinion of this author, buy items that fit into your lifestyle. 

Written by Nikky Starrett (she/they) Founder of Pomp & Sass.
This article is the opinion of the author.

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