Are Turkish towel good for hair? A woman wears Turkish towel in hair at the beach

Are Turkish Towels Good for Hair?

Turkish cotton towels like Peshtemals are excellent for the hair for a number of reasons. The main reasons are because of the absorbency, the non abraising and non tearing of the natural fibres. In this article we will look at each other these reasons in-depth. 

Turkish Towels are Absorbent 

High quality Turkish cotton will absorb up to 25X its weight in water. When drying hair, these towels will pull the water from the hair quickly which lowers styling time. These towels also lower static from hair that builds up with other blended towels. 

Turkish Towels Are Soft

Natural fibres like Turkish towels are soft on the hair. Not only is the natural fibre soft but they don’t carry abrasive particles like sand that can cause micro abrasions. This is due to the smooth tight weave of the fabric that dosen’t have loops to scoop up particles.

Pure cotton Turkish towels are best because there is no plastic to break down and leave micro plastics in the skin and hair you are caring for during your bath, pool or beach routines. 


Turkish Towels don’t Tear Hair

Loops on towels will occasionally pull and tear hair. This is common despite being rarely felt. After switching to smooth woven towels, many people have reported healthier, less frizzy hair that is easier to style. 

Turkish towels are similar to drying your hair with a t-shirt but without having to use a garment to dry your hair.

Turkish Towels are in Good Style

Several people with agin grey hair have reported much healthier hair after switching from looped Terry towels. The combination of absorbency and overall safer fabric made a noticeable difference. While this author can only attest to long curly hair care (in my 30’s) I also saw a difference in my hair when I switched. 

Written by Nikky Starrett (she/they) Founder of Pomp & Sass.
This article is the opinion of the author.


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