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Are Turkish Towels Good?

The short answer is a resounding yes. But like everything, Turkish towels come in a variety of qualities and finishes. To help you make an informed decision on whether these are right for you, here are some pros and cons for the towels themselves.

Pro Tip: When choosing between two brands you like, we recommend landeding on the brand with the most social impact. Look for ethically manufacturing, sustainability and charity donations. Your towels can be a positive impact in the world. 

The basics of why Turkish Cotton Towels are Good


Turkish towels are traditionally made with Turkish cotton. This type of cotton is highly absorbent, fast to dry, soft and long lasting. If you buy one with a tight weave, it can be used in the bath, at the beach and as a decorative throw blanket among other uses. This towel folds small and can be machine washed. In short, it’s versatile, high quality and can be the perfect travel companion. 

Turkish towels, properly known as peshtemals, are sometimes made with Indian cotton (short strand and sometimes rough), Chinese cotton (soft but short strand) and occasionally combined with bamboo (silky but not as absorbent). Read THIS ARTICLE to learn about these types of towels in comparison to Turkish cotton. 

Turkish Towels are Absorbent 

Pure Turkish cotton towels can absorb up to 25x it’s weight in water. They dry quickly and are easy to wash. This high absorbency pulls the water away from the skin and hair with minimal effort. Many people find this convenient because it takes less time to achieve the desired results. When travelling or living a busy life, these extra few minutes can make a positive impact. 

Turkish Towels are Easy to Wash

High quality Turkish cotton towels are machine washable and can withstand domestic dryers. The tassels should wash and look good for multiple washes. No fabric softeners needed, just add a few dryer balls and go.

While travelling, wash your Turkish towels in the sink with a little soap. Rinse it well and hang it to dry. Because they take so little water to wash the vessel needed for this task doesn’t need to be large. 

Turkish Towels Last a Long Time

High quality Turkish towels last a long time. We are talking years of constant use. Use them for the bath, beach, travel and so much more. Turkish towels are a lifestyle product that are made to be useful.  

Turkish Towels Tuck & Go

Turkish towels fold small and are perfect for travelling. Use them in the bath, at the beach and as a light blanket. Tuck them into a drawer or your bag, wear them like a scarf or sarong, they are made to be versatile. 

Written by Nikky Starrett (she/they) founder of Pomp & Sass. This article is my opinion based on years of working with Turkish towels and the manufacturers who specialize in spa quality towels.

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