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Pomp & Sass Attends the Revolution Her Summit as a Vendor

When I think about turning points in my small business I think about the 2022 Revolution Her Summit hosted by the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto. This two day event was full of inspirational speakers, a fantastic community and one remarkable swag bag! 

This is how The Revolution Her Summit gave Pomp & Sass hope and acted as a pivotal moment in a time of uncertainty in the market. It’s a lovely story!

Pomp & Sass Received a Huge Amount of Community Support

It’s true that women who support women are enthusiastic. The energy in the simple act of kindness is catching. They listen, they purchase and they tell their friends. By showing up as a vendor I was able to tell many attendees about my product, why it’s so good and how it solves problems. In return, I made sales.

Let’s be clear, in 2022 I made sales over and above that of any other trade show or pop up. The women at this event knew the value of supporting local small businesses. They came ready to support us. It was like a concentration of kindness and encouragement. 

It was easy to be a vendor at the Revolution Her Summit

In a very practical way the Revolution Her Summit along with the Fairmont Royal York Hotel made it easy for us to act as a vendor. We were provided with a table and chairs (it sounds small but imagine lugging a 6’ table through a hotel!) so all I had to bring was my product and display. I was also provided with a trolley by the concierge which made transportation convenient. The hotel even offered us a discount on the room so that I could practice self care between the event days instead of traveling. 

Revolution Her made being a vendor easy with our online shop listing within the virtual summit as well as visibility on site. Marketing is always important and as a small business I was glad to have someone do some of that for me.

In essence, I was able to show up, make connections and sell with relative ease. They cared about my wellness, offered me a quiet space on site (within the event) and supported my hotel stay. Usually trade shows are exhausting. This was not. 

The Revolution Her Summit was a Turning Point for this small business

The month preceding the summit I made the announcement that my business may face a final pivot if sales did not pick up. I knew cognitively that the business plan was solid and the product was good. But until the summit happened I didn’t know in my heart that I would succeed. I was still doubting that I could make it work in this hard economic climate. That all changed.

The Revolution Her summit made me feel like I could and would succeed with the business. I was so encouraged and uplifted that I went into the fourth quarter energetically. It was a turning point for me and the business. 

My Conclusion as a Vendor at the Revolution Her Summit

My final word on this summit is one of resounding support. I hope to see more vendors and attendees in the coming years. Holistically it’s a wonderful event that I enjoy very much. 

Written by Nikky Starrett (she/they) Founder of Pomp & Sass.

This article is the opinion of the author.

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