For Small Spaces & Luxury Places

These beautiful woven cotton towels take little storage while offering a large, absorbent surface. Bright, graphic design bring colour and vibrancy to everyday use. The fast drying nature and softness of the fabric is gentle on the skin. Best of all, the durability means you can use them for years; wash them by hand or in the machine. 

Hotels & Spas Order your custom towels in large or small quantities.

Retail Luxury bath, travel, yoga and tiny living.

Yoga & Fundraising Choose from the catalog or receive a custom design.

Turkish towels, also called Hammam towels after the luxurious Hammam baths, have a rich history spanning over 600 years. The flat weave of condensed ring spun yarn in pure cotton allows the textile to remain fluff free, easy to clean and hypoallergenic. Each end is adorned with tassels while inter-woven coloured fibers serve to create a two colour design. When folded the towel condenses into a small size.

Most often used as towels, scarves, picnic blankets and fashion accessories such as sarongs and infinity wraps, they are praised as the ultimate travel companion. 

  • 100% cotton
  • 90x170cm with 8cm white tassel fringe
  • Lightweight (370 grams)
  • Canadian bilingual labels and hang tags with care instructions, cotton content and country of manufacture.

Hang tags and labels can be customized with barcodes and other information for your convenience. Please specify your requirements at the time you place your order. This is a free service offered with any order quantity.

Organic certification is available upon request. 

Kind, Ethical, Sustainable


A portion of all profits is donated to charity.


Everyone who works with us is treated with equality and kindness. We all receive fair pay, safety and respect.

We care about the people making our products. The adults who manufacture the towels are treated with dignity and respect. Their day starts at 8:30am and ends at 5pm. They have two 15 minute tea-time breaks and one 45 minute lunch break.


The cotton we use is sourced from Turkey to minimize the environmental impact from transporting it to our manufacturers. Packaging and shipping is done in the most sustainable method available. Bulk shipping and paperless billing is used to lower emissions.

OEKO-TEX certification ensures that these towels are free of any harmful chemicals and are safe for human use.

Efforts are continuously made to reduce waste, minimize environmental impact, treat everyone with respect and give back to our community.