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Blog Article Header How to Stay More Hydrated in the Summer

How to Stay More Hydrated in the Summer

Have you ever found yourself reaching for one more glass of rosé while on the beach or at your friend’s backyard barbecue when you know you should be drinking water? We’ve all been there. It’s very easy to get dehydrated, not to mention sunburned, come summertime. While we all know that we should be drinking

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Blog Article Header Let Yourself Breathe

Let Yourself Breathe

Sometimes, life can feel like a long marathon. We’re constantly on the run at work, running to take our kids to their after school activities, and running home to make a quick and healthy dinner. Some days it feels like we’re running a never ending race of catch up. On other days, fatigue sets in,

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The Beginners Guide to Turkish Towels

Have you seen the new towel craze that’s sweeping across Canada and asked yourself “What are Turkish Towels?”  The secret that many people have known about for centuries has finally made it’s way to us in Canada.  Welcome to our homes, Turkish Towels! Backstory Do you have a linen cupboard full of guest towels you

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The Ultimate Guide to Turkish Towels

Turkish towels in Canada. They have been a best kept secret, a towel for ‘people in the know’, a fabulous find from exotic destinations. They are a general use product immigrating families no longer have easy access too. When stocked on shelves, they are often overlooked as an unknown item. What am I talking about?

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