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    • Woven towels are traditional towels that originated from hot climate countries. Other names for them are Turkish towels, Hammam towels, Pestemals and Futas. 
    • The’re primary virtues are their soft, smooth weave, absorbency, lightweight and versatility. Made of pure cotton, they are hypoallergenic and durable.

These are generally hard to find in Canada while popular in Turkey, Portugal, India, Australia and other parts of the world. 

Cotton absorbs up to 25% of its weight in water. Our products have a lovely long strand cotton yarn which allows it to stay thin while maintaining it’s absorbent qualities.

Caring for your cotton towel is stress free. Simply add it to your cotton machine cycle or wash it by hand with any detergent. Hang to dry or put it in the machine with wool dryer balls. We recommend avoiding fabric softener as it will clog the cotton.

Your towels are fine. To rinse out the fabric softener, try adding a cup of white vinegar to your next washing cycle to clear out the chemicals.

Yes you can. Use the cotton setting with steam.

Yes! To remove the tassels, carefully cut the tassels off using sharp fabric scissors. Double role a half inch hem along the cut edge and sew.

Hand looming a towel is very time consuming and very hard to source because it’s rarely done on a large scale anymore. We choose to have our towels machine made and hand finished to ensure employment but with an easier job. The pay is the same, the quality of life and manufacture is better.

Social Enterprise

We donate to Sick Kids Foundation, The Canadian Women’s Foundation and the Menonite Central Committee.

We support the third goal of Good Health and Wellbeing

Although we pay fairly for our product and practices, the supplier of yarn cannot provide a FLOCERT certificate which is required to be officially recognized in this way. Until then we will wait for our certification before marketing as Fair Trade.

Pomp & Sass is a social enterprise because we offer an eco friendly product, we ship in a sustainable way, we manufacture ethically with fair pay and strict employment standards and we donate a portion of profits to charity.

B Corp certification is very expensive and time consuming. Although one day it will be nice to have, giving to charity is a more pressing commitment right now.

    • Manufacturing employees work from 8am to 5pm with two 15 minute tea breaks and an hour lunch. They are all adults, some are women and they have a clean, safe working space. They are paid fairly.
    • Our Canadian employees are paid above minimum wage regardless of their responsibilities. They are allowed to work from home or provided a safe, ergonomic working space. Working hours are flexible 9-5 Mon-Fri with holidays. 
    • Affiliate and freelance workers are paid fairly and on time. They manage their own hours and have ensured they are conscious about their environmental footprint. 

To avoid corruption and disparity, the founder of Pomp & Sass has capped her earning potential. If at any time she wants to increase this amount, all employees must receive an equivalent raise. Currently she earns the same amount as other employees.

    • Yes our company is women owned and we support both a local and internationally owned business at all times. Our manufacturer also supports local women who can and cannot leave the home for employment. 
    • This includes transgender women and any person who identifies as a woman.
    • We hire based on merit with a minimum or three aplican interviews. Applicants must show diversity in age, race and gender. Although we do not inquire about orientation we work with people from all walks of life because we are all equals.
    • We actively practice equality, inclusivity and celebration in our marketing. Because all people are beautiful we work to showcase this.
    • Once a year we have an inclusivity audit to support our growth and shine light on our shortcomings. We hope this will help us with our blidspots and represent our audience in a better way. 
    • Nothing is perfect and we acknowledge that our company comes from a place of privilege. We want to make the world a better place where we can all excel together.

We believe that honouring our privilege to work on land we do not lay claim to should be normal. Therefore we publicly thank the people giving us this opportunity in the same way we would if we had a conference.

    • We do not agree with rainbow washing practices. If you see a rainbow on anything we sell you can rest assured the charitable donations are going to support one of our three charities who all support the LGBTQ2+ community. 
    • We have hired people from the LGBTQ2+ community in the same way we hire anyone else. We believe that we are all normal and that diversity is a celebration. Therefore a person’s orientation does not affect their working capabilities. 
    • We are actively looking for ways of supporting marginalized communities. If you would like to host a fundraiser for this purpose, please contact us for custom towels so we can support your efforts. 


Because of the current global crisis, only unopened product can be return. This means that all towels must be in original packaging, unopened in original condition. This keeps our team safe.

Once it is safe, we will resume our original policies regarding returns. 

If you opened the product, it has the potential of being exposed to Covid-19. It is therefore not safe for us to receive and handle it. Until this is no longer a risk, any opened product returned to us will be disposed of without returning the purchase price. While this is strict, we are operating with the safety of our team and their families in mind.

Once a product is used or washed it cannot be resold. We ask that customers commit to their purchase before using and washing their purchase.

Customers who choose to use and return products will not be offered a refund. They can choose to have the product shipped back to them or we will donate it to a shelter.

Please send it back to us within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

As a small business we don’t have the resources to take in returns that cannot be resold. By limiting returns we ensure that we can continue to operate. Until we build back, after the pandemic crisis, we need to stay strict about returns. Our intention is to loosen up soon. Thank you for supporting our female run, Canadian small business. 

Yes! We are always glad to help. Contact us any time from our contact page.

Please contact us with your order number, a description of what happened and a picture. We will make it right.


    • We currently ship across Canada. 
    • Our hope is to ship internationally soon. 
    • If you are an international customer and  would like to order 30 towels or more, please use our contact page to purchase.

Shipping is calculated at checkout and varies depending on your location. We ship from the GTA in Ontario with a discounted UPS rate.

We ship our products in a reusable, certified compostable, mailer bag with a compostable thank you card made of sugar cane that can be repurposed as art. As per shipping regulations we are required to use a plastic poly bag which can be recycled.

We support a local family who packs each order with care. They work in a safe, environmentally conscious environment and are paid fairly.

Environmental Impact

    • Machine made woven towels have a very low manufacturing waste. Almost no yarn is wasted and faulty towels are sent to the fabric recycling facility.
    • Although Turkey does have issues with water treatment infrastructure the dies are Oeko-Text and safe for human use. If any runoff water is diverted from the treatment plants it won’t hurt people and will have low environmental impact.
    • Most of our shipping and packaging material is fully compostable. 
    • As per shipping requirements we are required to use one piece of plastic packaging. 
    • In our pursuit of a more environmentally friendly and sustainable shipping materials we are working towards transferring this into a compostable material. Our barriers towards this goal are financial and political.

Yes! Pomp & Sass products are plastic free.

    • Yes! Recycle these towels through fabric recycling services and the fibre will be repurposed for something new. 
    • Pro tip: If you repurpose old towels for something other than personal hygiene or fashion you can extend the life of the product. Consider pet towels, emergency flood or car towels. If it’s just the pattern you don’t like, use them as a gift wrap next holiday!
    • No. It’s much more efficient and environmentally conscious if towels only have to travel internationally once. Choosing local recycling is better for the earth.

Canada doesn’t currently offer manufacturing for our product. We hope this will soon change.


    • Please contact us with your request and we will provide you with our wholesale discount on applicable quantities. Customization services are available too.

Absolutely! We specialize in customization. Email us with your request and we will provide you with an exclusive product design for your business or event.

We serve retailers big and small, hotels, spas, corporate gift giving, yoga communities and fundraising initiatives. Everyone is welcome here. For a list of current retailers please contact us.

Only the best. Ethically Made Towels- Joyfully - Living our Best Lives

We at Pomp & Sass are proud to offer a luxury product that is useful, sustainable, ethically made with a built-in social mission. The portion of profits donated to charity supports the third UN Sustainable Development Goal of Good Health & Wellbeing. You know you’re not just buying an incredible product, you’re supporting a better future

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