New Designs on a Traditional Towel

Woven Towels

Rarely seen in Canada, originating in the famous Hammam Baths, woven towels are synonymous with personal care and luxury. Made with high end Turkish cotton woven to a smooth surface that offers incredible enduring softness and absorbency. This is where beauty and function find harmony.

Woven Towels Are Known By Many Names

Turkish Towels, Hammam Towels, Pestemals & Futa

We call ours woven to identify it as Canadian.

The Big Question

What Are Woven Towels?

Woven towels are thin cloth-like towels made using premium Turkish cotton. This type of cotton has long fibres that when spun into yarn is durable, soft, thin and absorbent. When made into cloth it’s lightweight, compact nature shines through. 

Traditionally made on hand looms, towels are now made using machines with hand finishing. This ensures low waste manufacturing and consistent production that pays fairly. Plastic free and hypoallergenic, pure cotton towels are environmentally friendly and safe for everyone.


Towels are made by a family company in Turkey that values the lives and safety of their workers. They are paid fairly, in a safe and clean environment. Working hours are ethical and fair. OEKO-TEX certification ensures that production is free of any harmful chemicals and safe for human use.


Pomp & Sass towels are plastic free and take little water to clean. Packaging has been minimized with environmentally sustainable replacements used whenever possible. Our corporate structure also works to minimize our carbon footprint.


We donate a portion of profits to charity as we work to support the  UN Sustainable Development Goal of Good Health & Wellbeing. 

Menonite Central Committee

Canadian Women’s Foundation

Sick Kids Foundation

Woven Towels are Incredibly Versatile

Thanks to the lightweight nature of the cloth people use woven towels for more than bath and poolside use. Celebrated by the minimalist and wellness communities, these towels have transformed the way towels are used and stored.

These are the most common ways people have been using woven towels.

Just Like your Favourite T-Shirt

Washing Woven Towels

Machine or hand wash and dry towels with other cottons. Iron is needed. Avoid fabric softeners to maintain absorbency and softness.

What Makes Pomp & Sass Towels Different?

Boasting unique styles only available at Pomp & Sass our towels stand out from the traditional neutral colours commonly seen on the market. 

Our love of colour and design stands out and is matched only by our high standards for excellence.  

A Brief History

Dating back as far as the Ottoman Empire, woven towels are a staple of Hammam public bath culture. Designed to allow bathers privacy while being highly functional in the baths thanks to the high absorbency and fast drying times.

Western culture embraced Hammam baths in the Victorian era and have recently switched to saunas and steam baths. Although travellers now seek out these luxury spaces on their travels the towels remain a popular luxury item around the world.

World Renowned

Why Woven Towels are so Good

Made of premium Turkish cotton which boasts a long fibre, yarn is tight, durable and strong. Woven into thin sheets, fabric is absorbent, breathable and fast to dry. Thanks to the thin nature of the fabric, towels are light and fold small, making them ideal for travel and a great many uses.

Why Call them Woven Towels?

When redesigning traditional products it’s important to be respectful of their origins. Traditionally, the name of the towel is often associated with specific colours and styles that represent their history and location. We therefore decided to call it something different to identify it as something other then a traditional towel. 

In Canada, Turkish towels can refer to as Hammam towels which are similar to what we sell. They can also refer to towels made in Turkey or with Turkish cotton. This can become confusing, something we want to avoid. Another reason to chose a different name. 

In an attempt to be clear about the type of towel we sell, we named it after the way it is made. In this way we hope to state that these are not looped terry towels but flat woven towels. 

It all came down to being clear about what we sell while also respecting the beautiful history of the product. We call ours woven to identify it as Canadian.

Pomp & Sass does not claim this product or it’s creation. We design new exclusive styles on a traditional product with respect to it’s origins. 

A Word from our Founder

This is where fabulous & Function find harmony.

"Living my best life means raising others up to do the same. I designed Pomp & Sass to be a positive influence in the world and every aspect of the company revolves around that. Products are beautiful, functional and environmentally friendly. The people who make the towels and supplies are paid fairly, safe and respected. We support local, family owned businesses as well as family owned or female run international businesses. Our packaging is biodegradable and our towels can be put through cotton recycling. We donate a portion of profits to charity to support those in need. We manage a company culture based on equity and inclusion. I’m constantly trying to make this company better, more sustainable and holistically healthier."

Love to Love a Woven Towel

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