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It’s a very exciting thing to officially be open for business. It’s been a huge undertaking to get this far. Now it’s time to get the word out about the amazing designs Pomp & Sass offers. Bellow is an article I posted on Linkedin about the studio.

Revolutionary New Textile Design Studio

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Nikky Starrett Freelance Textile Designer since 2011

I’m very proud to announce that POMP & SASS Textile Design Studio is now live. This bold new face in the design industry is going to quickly start turning heads. Here’s how:

ONLINE SHOPPING is the way of the future. Pomp and Sass is a convenient online shopping experience. Once you check out, your design files are waiting to be downloaded. They come with everything you need; Adobe file, Pantone codes and always in repeat. Request your password today from nikky@pompandsass.ca

SAVE THE EXCHANGE RATE and save an average of 35%. As a proud Canadian and fierce advocate for customer satisfaction I’m selling my designs in CAD currency. By giving you the exchange rate I’m making it easier for you to return every season.

AMAZING DESIGNS are always a must. Everything is done with care. I love what I do and it shows in my work. New designs are constantly being added.

EASY CHANGES should always be part of the package. It’s ok if our colour choices are different. Buy A Recolour with any design and I will change the colours for you.

FULL SERVICE design studio. If you have art from somewhere else that needs to be made into a repeat I can help you with that. There are lots of services I offer.

EASY CUSTOM DESIGNS are always available. I work efficiently to get your project done on time and within budget.

YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE whenever you purchase from me. I’m a small business. Whenever you buy from me it directly benefits my little family. THANK YOU!

Textile design is my passion as well as my profession. It’s important to me that as a customer you’re needs are met. That’s whats so different about this studio; the focus is on you. Good design is a given.


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