Turkish towels are incredible gifts for more people then expected. Here's why.
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Written by Mae Tafel

Turkish Towels make for great gifts, and not just for homeowners and swimmers!

What are Turkish Towels?

Turkish Towels are commonly used in hot climate countries.  Oftened named Hammam, Pestemal, and Futa towels. Made from fine fibers of cotton and/or bamboo. Woven together, flat, and soft, like a pair of blue jeans getting softer with each use. 

Why They are Great

Large and lightweight, you can fold or roll them into compact bundles that take up very little space.  They fit neatly into gym bags, tote bags and carry-ons for travel. Wrap them into yoga mats for convenience.  These towels are highly absorbent, quick drying, and incredibly versatile. Wear them as a shawl or use it as a lightweight blanket.


As with everything checking the tags to ensure your new purchases are authentic and ethically made is a crucial step.  If the’re made from anything other then pure Cotton, they won’t have the same durability, absorbency or softness as a true Turkish Towel.    

Who Might Like them

Some common uses for Turkish Towels are:  Bath Towels, Beach Towels, Picnic Blankets, Yoga Practice, Gym Towel, Changeroom Wrap …A few more surprising people to add towles to your cart for:

Camping Enthusiasts & Backpackers:  These towels don’t absorb and retain water. For those who are on the go and don’t have time to wait, these are amazing additions to anyone’s kit.  Lighter, larger, faster drying weave and require smaller pack space.

Minimalists & Tiny Living, Van Lifers:  One towel for all your needs, eco friendly, ethically made and space concientious. 

Travellers:  In a car or on a train, use them as light blankets. Tuck them away into luggage, they make for excellent travel companions.

Care and Washing Instructions

Wash in cold or warm water, do not use fabric softener, hang to dry or tumble dry on low heat.  

Where can I buy a Turkish Towel?

Pomp and Sass is a Canadian company focused on ethical manufacturing and philanthropic endeavours. They offer seasonal and contemporary designs perfect for the ultimate unique gift idea!  Check them out at www.pompandsass.ca