The Pomp & Sass Way

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The Pomp & Sass Way

So much more then designs. Gratitude and helpfulness are ever present in my practices and the Pomp & Sass mission. In this way, the services I offer are better suited to your needs and elevates the value you receive. It’s how I live, therefore, it’s how I work.

Let’s connect over coffee. Let me help you plan future collections or troubleshoot changes you need done to your current designs. I can help you change what you have or create what you want. This includes training your employees or running a roundtable. Have a set budget? Let’s talk about it, no judgement, only helpfulness.

My ready made designs are sold through marketing channels so I have more time to help as a consultant. I can teach Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator techniques, design tiling, painting and drawing. Some clients come for help to update their current designs to match new trends. I also create custom designs.

Tailoring services, adding value and staying positive are how I work. Afterwards, a portion on every net sale goes to charity.

Connect with me at or on Instagram @pompandsass

Thank you kindly. I wish you well.

Nikky Starrett


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