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January Newsletter

Happy New Year! May your 2019 be bright with joy and full of success.Let’s celebrate! I’m very grateful to everyone who supports my design career. If you are a client, someone who only receives newsletters, an Instagram follower or a LinkedIn connection I THANK YOU! Everyone, no matter the role you play is supporting me…
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August Rush

This news is BIGand I am so excited to share my news with you. As of this month I am officially affiliated with Print.OneĀ AND Studio Van Den Broek. They will be taking over the task of selling 99% of my inventory. Making the choice to have someone else sell my work was really hard for…
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June Swoon

I’m excited about the summer and want to share what’s happening at Pomp&Sass studios! The flowers are finally here! That means you can usually spot me outsideĀ taking pictures of every bloom and blossom I can reach. So far I’ve collected over a hundred designs worth of photographs to expand on my photographic repeat inventory. Just…
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