Spicy November Newsletter

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Spicy November Newsletter

Pumpkin spice, hot apples, fireplaces, sweaters and woollen socks. These are some of the things to look forward to as the weather cools. No one wants to go out and I can’t blame them! That’s one of the reasons I created the online shopping platform at Pomp & Sass. You can peruse and purchase your designs right from the fireside. Best of all, it’s instant, with your files ready to download at checkout. Saving you time for soft blankets and whatever else that makes you happy. Request your password today and see what I mean.
Today Chat Talent launched. It’s a place online for anyone who’s improving how organizations hire, develop and retain talent. Read my article The Perks of working with Creative Small Business Leave a comment and let me know what you think.
Let’s get to know each other! Connect with me online with the links bellow!
I love meeting new people just like you

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Did you know designs come with one free recolour? They are also exclusive, layered and fabulous!

Pomp & Sass designs are perfect for home and paper goods like wallpaper, wrapping paper, throw pillows, towels and bedding. Do you have the Storefront password? You’ll need one to login. Request your Storefront password today to start shopping. 


Want a custom design? Use promo code firsttimecustomdesign2017 to get your first one at stock price. That’s a savings of $500! WOW!

You are supporting a small business. Thank you! My goal is to provide you with excellent customer service and product. I love what I do, so will you.

Nikky Starrett
Founder & Designer at Pomp & Sass


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