Your Analytical Creative

Here to support you with your designs and design related tasks. Let’s meet your goals together, on time, with a smile.

Creating custom designs, re-purposing your existing collection, getting your designs filtered and organized, let’s do it all. My ability to see the big picture is a welcomed perspective that shines light onto opportunity. Let’s talk about your studios current position and where you want it to be. My approach is kind, non-judgmental and efficient. Getting your design house in order is a celebration of your current and future success. Contact me today to talk about it.

Textile Design

Design Solutions




The Journey

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

The same is true of any project. These are the steps we will take together.


Let’s talk about your situation, goals and expectations. This is an informal conversation where we talk about the destination while getting excited about the journey.


I create a strategy with detailed actionable items. This includes a timeline, goals, deliverables and expectations.  


Working together we meet each goal and successfully accomplish what we set out to do.

Follow Up

After we’ve celebrated our success, it’s important to feel confident moving forward. I support you to incorporate the new dynamic or design into the workflow.


My love of design is second only to my love of helping people.

Custom Designs

Custom textile design for the interior and paper markets. My beautiful designs are made exclusively for you in a way that will be easy to apply to any home or paper good.

Design Solutions

When you have a design file that needs editing, or want something done to make it look a specific way, I make it happen.


Let’s review your collection and strategize how to show it to buyers for maximum sales. It’s all about presentation.

Working With Your Manufacturers

I work with mills and factories to ensure your custom design looks the way it should. I communicate directly with them and will even approve samples. 

Design Databases

Creating a structured system for all your design files. They should be stored, backed up and easy to find.


Teaching your designers skills in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. I also support the development of drawing and painting skills. 

Note: I work part time as a college professor of creative studies.


My four year degree of illustration and continued education has provided me with skills and insight that I’m proud and confident in.

Creative Solutions
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Drawing & Painting


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