Peaceful December Newsletter

Peaceful December Newsletter

The end of the year signifies a lot of different things for a great many people. Between holidays, end of year deadlines, gifts, taxes and charity it can be overwhelming. To my wonderful clients I have your back. The Pomp & Sass platform is here to make your life easier. Just log on, shop and download. Saving you time at work to enjoy the celebrations!

As an extra gesture of good will, I am TRIPLING our donation from every purchase until December 31st. Now you can feel happy you chose a Pomp & Sass design three times are much! Request your password today and see what I mean.

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Pomp & Sass designs are perfect for home and paper goods like wallpaper, wrapping paper, throw pillows, towels and bedding. Do you have the Storefront password? You’ll need one to login. Request your Storefront password today to start shopping. 

Your Truly
Nikky Starrett


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