Textile Design Studio

September Newsletter

After announcing, in last months newsletter, that I am affiliating with two studios, life has been really busy. Or so I thought. These days seem so full of life and adventure. Good and bad. You may (or may not) know that I am the mother of a wonderful toddler. I also teach at Sheridan College. For our family, the September start…
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August Rush

This news is BIGand I am so excited to share my news with you. As of this month I am officially affiliated with Print.One AND Studio Van Den Broek. They will be taking over the task of selling 99% of my inventory. Making the choice to have someone else sell my work was really hard for…
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July Newsletter

Life has a tendency of challenging us. The last few weeks have certainly been a testament to that! The heat, construction delays and tough assignments can be tricky to juggle. Hopefully we can look forward to a little quiet before the fall. If you follow me on Instagram @pompandsass you will have noticed my recent…
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