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Launching Pomp & Sass was a big achievement that took a lot of work. I’m so please to be open and ready for business! It’s an incredible jump to do what you love for a living. Thank you for everyone who has been so supportive!

Now it’s time to get the word out about the amazing designs! Please share Pomp & Sass with any textile design buyers you know!

Bellow is the P&S mission statement. It’s important that our customers feel valued and that their jobs are made easier here. As much as I love to design, the customer experience is paramount.


At POMP & SASS Textile Design Studio we create beautiful repeating designs. Our goals are to be a dynamic studio focused on saving our customers time. We distinguish ourselves with our online storefront that enables our customers to quickly make their purchase then instantly download their files.

We believe in the integrity of our original designs. Our culture is one of kindness, flexibility, professional development and optimism.

Compassion is key in all aspects of life. We actively support our local charity of choice by donating a portion of every design sold.

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