Happy New Year!

Nikky Starrett, Owner of Pomp & Sass

8 January 2020

You’re the first to find out!

We’re launching an online store!

In the next couple of months Pomp & Sass Towels will be available for purchase by the public! We’re rolling out three amazing styles: Green Fern, Blue Geo and Pink Wave Stripe. All three will be available in matching body and hand sizes.

How You Can Support Us

Every startup needs support getting started. We’re no exception! Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook @pompandsass When we share a post about our big launch please:

– Like the post
– Write a comment
– Share it with your friends

When you do these things, our profile is seen by more people. That translates into building up our customer base!

Once the shop is live, you should enter into our monthly Wrap N Snap draw for a chance to win a free towel! More about that to come.

“Want a Luxury Woven Towel now?”

Email me to buy a Green Fern or Canadian Bear body towel with rope tassels for $45 plus shipping. 

THANK YOU to everyone who has been supporting our journey. I’m incredibly grateful to you and excited to share our amazing product with the world!

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Pomp & Sass Towels are now on!


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