Happy New Year Newsletter

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Happy New Year Newsletter

Welcome 2018 in all it’s glory and promise. A fresh year brings with it all the wonder and excitement of a white sheet of paper. With all the possibilities of a great start. If you haven’t looked at my collection of designs I invite you torequest your password today!

I would like to invite you all to come and see The Pomp & Sass design collection for home goods. With it’s online shopping platform, simply log on, shop and download. Request your password today and see our great selection!

Connect with me online! Let’s share in the fun on Instagram!

#pompandsass @pompandsass nikky@pompandsass.ca

Pomp & Sass designs are perfect for home and paper goods like wallpaper, wrapping paper, throw pillows, towels and bedding. Do you have the Storefront password? You’ll need one to login. Request your Storefront password today to start shopping. 

Yours Truly
Nikky Starrett

Want a custom design? Use promo code firstcustomdesign2018 to get your first one at stock price. That’s a savings of $500! WOW!


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