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Textile Design Studio

The Pomp & Sass Way

So much more then designs. Gratitude and helpfulness are ever present in my practices and the Pomp & Sass mission. In this way, the services I offer are better suited to your needs and elevates the value you receive. It’s how I live, therefore, it’s how I work. Let’s connect over coffee. Let me help you…
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August Rush

This news is BIGand I am so excited to share my news with you. As of this month I am officially affiliated with Print.OneĀ AND Studio Van Den Broek. They will be taking over the task of selling 99% of my inventory. Making the choice to have someone else sell my work was really hard for…
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Finding February

What do you do when everything is suddenly gone? Your start by taking a deep breath That’s what happened to the Pomp & Sass website this past month. Suddenly, for no reason, it was completely gone! The reason is still unclear. When it happened, I had two options: give up or fix it. After a…
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