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Textile Design Studio

March Newsletter

Life is like a dance, changing direction is natural I’m very excited to announce that I’m¬†expanding from just design to consulting and wholesale! Brought on my a demand for consulting and an opportunity to bring an amazing product into the Canadian market!¬†It’s an exciting time at Pomp&Sass if ever there was one. My business content…
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January Newsletter

Happy New Year! May your 2019 be bright with joy and full of success.Let’s celebrate! I’m very grateful to everyone who supports my design career. If you are a client, someone who only receives newsletters, an Instagram follower or a LinkedIn connection I THANK YOU! Everyone, no matter the role you play is supporting me…
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December Newsletter

Merry Christmas! Happy new year! I’ve been looking forward to sending this newsletter to tell you how much I appreciate you! Please reach out to me if you would like to get together for a cup of coffee. We can chat about our shared love of design or talk about the weather. You can ask…
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