August Rush

Textile Design Studio

August Rush

This news is BIGand I am so excited to share my news with you.

As of this month I am officially affiliated with Print.One AND Studio Van Den Broek. They will be taking over the task of selling 99% of my inventory. Making the choice to have someone else sell my work was really hard for me. After weighing the pros and cons it was definitely the right choice. Now I can focus on creating, teaching and having a better work life balance. Moving forward, the Pomp&Sass website will host only a small curated selection of my work. Custom designs are always welcome and will run as per usual.

PRINT ONE is located in London, England. See or on social media @PRINT.ONE For those who are looking to purchase my designs, please accept this 10% coupon code valid for the entire site: pomp18

STUDIO VAN DEN BROEK is located in Helmond, Netherlands. See or on social media @studio.van.den.broek They frequent the top trade shows our industry has to offer. Next stop, Homedecor China 2018!

Stay connected. I have more amazing developments coming soon. Especially on Instagram @pompandsass

If you have any questions or concerns please write to me


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