My name is Nikky Starrett, I’m the designer here at Pomp & Sass.

I am very fortunate to get to do what I love for my career. Pomp & Sass is a small freelance studio where I create home good designs for people around the world. These are sold through marketing channels so I have more time to work on client projects. For me, it’s living the dream.

I’m a true Canadian lady. I love walking in the woods, drinking coffee with maple syrup and exploring everything life has to offer.

Giving is important to me. It helps me stay grateful so a portion of all net sales is donated to charity. I also offer amazing prizes to my Instagram community.

Learning is something I love doing. I hold a four year degree of Illustration from Sheridan College. This is also where I teach the Adobe Suite and other creative classes as a partial load faculty member. Currently I am saving up to take my masters degree of fine art. I’m so excited!

The Pomp & Sass name was inspired by Pomp and Circumstance by Sir Edward Elgar, a classical composition. This melody reminded me that sometimes it’s good to be on time, in tune but also joyful and upbeat. I pride myself on my reliability and revel in joyfulness whenever I can. This was fitting for me and for my brand.

If every you would like to chat with me about working together please feel free to reach out! I also enjoy chatting with other creatives.

Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn @pompandsass

Be well!

Nikky Starrett


At POMP & SASS Textile Design Studio we offer reliable design services and original art. Our main goal is to be a dynamic studio distinguishing ourselves with our flexible, practical approach to business. By cooperating with our clients we aim to build the right designs for specific applications such as home goods, upholstery, paper and wall coverings. Complimentary services elevate the service and alleviate work load for our clients.

We believe in the integrity of our original designs. Our culture is one of kindness, flexibility, professional development and joyousness.

Compassion is key in all aspects of life. We actively support charity by donating a portion of every sale.

When you buy from a small business an actual person does a little happy dance. Then I share the love by donating a portion on every sale to a charity.


In 2011 I graduated with my four year bachelors of applied arts degree of illustration from Sheridan College, Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. Since then I have worked as an in-house designer for a multi-million dollar home goods wholesaler called Home Dec Far East as well as freelance for various international clients.

With the goal of contributing a high end resource to the industry, I launched this design studio in 2017. It was a facelift rebrand of my original freelance work. After the successful Pomp & Sass Kickstarter Campaign in October 2016 things got off the ground. See HERE for more about the Kickstarter.

Creating high value repeating surface patterns is a true joy and passion for this Canadian lady. With a life goal of contributing only quality workmanship, my job is fulfilling. When you purchase from Pomp & Sass you’re not only getting excellent art, convenient shopping and high value, you’re supporting a woman entrepreneur and my family. Thanks!

When I’m not designing you can find me teaching at Sheridan Colleges Pilon School of Business. In 2016 The Textile Design Lab hosted me as a guest expert to teach about CAD creation using Adobe Photoshop. CH Design included me as part of their 52 expert collection with How to Purchase Textile Designs in their 2017-2018 online class series. On November 1st 2017 TalentTalk launched with my article The Perks of Working with Creative Small Businesses.

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