To create beautiful, useful items that insight joyfulness while giving back to the community.

Pomp & Sass Affiliates


Pomp & Sass was created to be a positive influence in the world. From ethical sourcing to environmentally friendly products and a luxury product, the company is founded on quality and kindness. Fair pay, charitable donations and smart choices are key to achieving this goal. 

Owner Nikky Starrett is a Canadian designer who is passionate about producing useful high quality items that bring joy into the lives of those who use them. She designed this product line to serve the market all year round. The business model is one of gratefulness and community with a portion of profits being donated to charity. Her aim is to establish a positive influence in the world while offering a product that both functions and inspires. 

As a textile designer, Nikky enjoys working directly with clients to produce custom designs, so they can share their own stories with the world. Effort has been made to ensure this service is accessible to small businesses and companies who can only order small quantities. 

We serve retailers big and small, hotels, spas, corporate gift giving, yoga communities and fundraising initiatives.

Thank you for celebrating life with us by supporting this Canadian business. Let’s talk about your small or large order of towels. Everyone is welcome at Pomp & Sass.


We value giving and are intentional about this practice. Below are the main charities we support:


The Heart and Stroke Foundation 

In honour of Nikkys’ late father Ken Robb.

The Cancer Society 

In honour of our many relatives and friends who have and do suffer from this disease. 

The Meeting House 

With grateful hearts we thank you for the contribution you make to our lives.

World Vision

Connecting us to world wide communities. 

The Oakville Humane Society 

Thank you for our cherished pets. 


Owner Nikky Starrett

“Living my best life includes helping others do the same.”

Nikky Starrett Owner of Pomp & Sass