To create beautiful luxury items in a conscientious way while practicing joyfulness and gratitude.


A portion of sales is donated to charitable organizations that hold a special place in my heart. The challenges I have faced, and those of my family, have made me who I am. By being a positive influence in the world I practice gratitude and live my best life. Bellow are the main charities Pomp & Sass supports.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation in honour of my late father Ken Robb.

The Cancer Society in honour of the many relatives who have and do suffer from this decease. Thank you for curing some and trying to cure others.

The Meeting House with grateful hearts for the contribution you make to your lives and understanding.

World Vision, you who remind us how much we have and how to share it.

The Oakville Humane Society who gave us Myra the cat, also known as the office manager.

Owner Nikky Starrett