This is Nikky, from Pomp & Sass, Canadas newest woven towel company. I’m bringing ethically made, environmentally friendly woven towels to the market with colour and customizable style! Then I give a portion of profits to charity. YES! I’m on a mission to be a positive influence in the world and live my best life. By subscribing to my newsletter, you’re helping make that possible. Thank you!

It’s been a full month since the catalog has been active. The responses? It’s been great! For a startup I’m excited and motivated with the progress. Of coarse we’ve had a few setbacks, but that’s to be expected. No fear here.

Please help me network. Every connection counts towards making sales and helping Pomp & Sass grow.  

Hotels & Spas: We’re looking at you! Let’s make custom towels that add value to your guest experience!

Retail: Holiday gifts scream woven towels. They are amazing stocking stuffers, Hanukkah swag and corporate gifts. The stock carries into the travel season so it’s better to buy more. See the catalog for amazing options.

Yoga: With low minimum order quantities, it’s easy to build your brand with custom towels your students can use at the studio and at home. Perfect for hot yoga and showering after class.

Low MOQ and amazing profit margins are available to all of these categories. Let’s talk about your order today!

Woven towels are a popular item for anyone who knows about them. Trouble is, many people in Canada don’t know what they are or how to use them. I’m looking for ways to educate Canadians about these amazing towels. If you have any ideas, please send me a message nikky@pompandsass.ca  

Thank you for being part of my online community! You’re the best.

Kind Regard,
Nikky Starrett